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Looking for God...  [creative nonfiction] 


Unbiased, integrating journey into the deep-seated strife between and within Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Secularism • Educational, engaging and compassionate - based on religious facts • A fictional bridge to the more comprehensive and non-fictional viewpoints on God, Religion, Secular and Spiritual values • Challenges the reader to reflect on their personal faith, or non-belief, and their tolerance of others with differing views.

“Devastated by his young daughter’s terrible death, Jacob sets out to find God to ask Him why he allowed her accident to happen. No longer sure where to find God, or if he truly exists, Jacob passes through the “Ancient Gates of Abraham,” to roam the prejudiced roads in the Kingdom of Religious Confusion. Challenged to remain open-minded he meets with righteous leaders, devout followers, agnostics and atheists along the paths of Born-again Street, Fundamentalist Drive, Avenue of the Majority, and more. During each meeting, he engages in commonsense discussions to understand why their philosophy will lead him to God, or prove God’s non-existence. The further he travels the more confused he becomes. It is not until his enlightening journey nears its end he realizes an insight he was not expecting to unearth.”

Demons of war & Not Alone [PTSD]



To help veterans break the stigma of PTSD, Schade wrote ‘The demons of war are persistent.” It was posted on by Nobel Prize-winning Journalist Eric Newhouse. Additionally, published in “First-Person Accounts of Mental illness and Recovery,” “Journal of Military Experience II and III,” and countless support sites.”   Sara Troy, Author and Radio Host

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If I Fail... [Suspense]

Jacob A. Hinson thought he had seen the worst that humanity had to offer. Still haunted by memories of his combat service in Vietnam, functioning in society is often a chore for him. When he observes the abduction of three young girls from their school bus stop, he is thrust into a position, he's not sure he can handle. Can Jacob subdue his own demons in order to save these innocent lives, or have age and the scars of war left him unable to stop the evil that awaits them?

The greatest father  [Essay - Satire]

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"The essence of the 'The Greatest Father' has forever eluded humankind, until now, that is. As the final prodigy to embrace that, which is untainted truthfulness, I have disobeyed antiquated decrees to share this story of how it had to be."
                             So it be forever, MJM